Welcome to the East Airdrie website which explains our latest proposals to regenerate land to the east of the town on the former mining site at Drumshangie.

If you are new to our site, you’ll be able to find out about the exciting plans for East Airdrie which will see the former mining landscape transformed into a vibrant new community. New employment opportunities will appear alongside modern, low energy housing and new community facilities, all set within an extensive network of open space, which will provide cycle/footpaths links to the surrounding towns and villages as well as ecological and wildlife enhancements.

We would encourage you to review the information on the website, get in touch with any questions questions and attend our further public consultation event in February 2024 so that we can incorporate your views into the emerging plans.

Our Objectives for the East Airdrie Masterplan: Live, Work, Play + Regenerate

We aim to create a new community where people can live, work, socialise and relax without having to get in a car and can safely walk and cycle to the adjoining local communities.

LIVE: Creating attractive, vibrant neighbourhoods

We want to create a network of attractive neighbourhoods or villages which provide a sense of community and are safe for children to go outside and play. Our villages will benefit from a generous and attractive landscape setting and an off-road network of safe footpaths and cyclepaths will link these villages to shops, services, jobs and open space without the need to get into a car.

WORK: Unlocking new employment opportunities

East Airdrie will enhance Airdrie’s role as an economic hub: we will reorganise the existing major employment allocations in response to the emerging East Airdrie Link Road which is to pass directly through the site. A full range of commercial and retail uses and new housing will support the needs of new employers and their workforces associated with the new link road.

PLAY: Rest and relaxation is just a stroll away

The Masterplan will enhance the landscape to the east and west of the A73 to create new habitats for wildlife. A network of green spaces will link our new housing and mixed employment and commercial centres across the site, with spaces for rest, relaxation and nature in between. Safe, off-road cycling links will be also feature. We want to establish East Airdrie as an important ecological and recreational resource for residents as well as those living in the surrounding communities.

We want to hear from you

The views of the local community will be an important factor in finalising our vision for East Airdrie. We are very interested in the views of the local community, other landowners and stakeholders. 

We are holding a further public consultation event oso that local residents and any interested parties can learn more about the plans, ask any questions they may have and give us their feedback.  

The further events will be held on 20th and 21st February 2024 at the Albert Bartlett Factory, 251 Stirling Road, Airdire ML6 7SP 

A copy of the exhibition material can be downloaded here

You can also view a copy of the exhibition material from our first public consultation event held in March 2023 here