Community benefits

East Airdrie will take the form of mixed-use neighbourhoods, connected via a network of green corridors that will link the various communities within and around the site. The development will provide a number of compelling benefits for the local area. 

Deliver much needed high quality homes reflecting local house types

The site will meet the housing needs of Airdrie without competing or detracting from the town: the site is designed to complement Airdrie by providing a greater population that can support services and retail but can also provide green infrastructure and employment for local people, as well as more housing choice.

Regenerate former industrial land to provide new business opportunities

Our emerging plan will amplify the connectivity, social and economic benefits delivered by the new link road through new business parks with commercial uses provided in a well landscaped environment. We want East Airdrie to be an attractive place to live and do business in. Mixed use centres will provide a focus to both residential and commercial life.

Deliver a new primary school

East Airdrie will be large enough to support a new primary school to expand education provision in the local area. 

This will relieve pressure on oversubscribed schools and ensure accessible links to schooling close to communities to promote cycling and walking. 

Prioritise sustainability and environmental benefits

The Masterplan will be low to zero carbon in its framing. In addition to promoting opportunities for sustainable travel and mixed use living, we are examining opportunities for district heating driven by sustainable fuels. Opportunities to create new woodland and forest are also being explored.

Recreation and active leisure

The former open cast mining activity has left behind an artificial valley which has accumulated some  water. Following further investigation, it would not be appropriate to turn this into a substantial water feature but the basin can still be planted and regenerated in support of the Masterplan. There is the potential to turn the basin into a new destination for recreation and active leisure.

Keeping everyone warm with low or zero carbon

The Masterplan is looking at several options for heat and power: decentralised energy such as solar panels on houses and businesses, district energy centres powered by air source heat pumps as well as energy generation from solar and wind farms or a link to the nearby FCC Energy from Waste recycling centre. This will help protect residents and businesses from rising energy costs.