We have developed our proposals for  the East Airdrie site in consultation with the public and stakeholders.

Our Principles

We have developed a set of principles which are the foundations of our approach to masterplanning the site.

The Green Grid

The Green Grid will provide an attractive setting for development, accommodating adventure or biking trails, and viewpoints to appreciate the landscaped setting. 

Implementation of this would be enshrined in a long term, holistic Landscape Management Strategy for the wider area, to be delivered over the years to come.

The Green Grid will maximise opportunities to provide access to greenspace. Attractive village greens will enhance the community feel of new neighbourhoods.

We would embed transport corridors within a wider network of active travel routes which will connect the communities within and around the site. 

The Green Grid will be the conduit for these routes with the objective that residents will have the option of walking and cycling to work.

Peat deposits are an important component of our vision for the Green Grid. Peat forms over long periods of time and the surface vegetation absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and the high water content traps the carbon released during the decomposition processes. 

We are seeking to restore any peat areas which have been damaged in the past and to minimise disturbance to existing areas where peat is found on the site.

A place to do business

We want the Masterplan to be seen as an attractive place to live and do business in. The Masterplan could deliver 70,000m2 (753,473 sq.ft.) of employment space.

Mixed use centres will provide a focus to both residential and commercial life, providing services for both resident and worker alike. These centres will be celebrated through public realm and a strong sense of place.

New communities

Within the green grid will be the commercial and residential communities that will populate the site. The Masterplan will accommodate up to 3,000 homes

The site will meet the housing needs of Airdrie without competing or detracting from the town: complementing Airdrie by providing a greater population that can support strategic services and retail, but can also provide green infrastructure and employment for local people and housing choice 


The Masterplan will be low carbon in its framing. In addition to promoting opportunities for sustainable travel and mixed use living, we are examining opportunities for district heating driven by sustainable fuels.