Progress update

We have now submitted our application for Planning Permission in Principle to North Lanarkshire Council. The proposals have been informed by our public consultation events. We wrote to over 5,000 households and invited them to an initial consultation event in April 2023, with a follow-up event in February 2024.

April 2023 Public Consultation

Our earlier public consultation event in April 2023 was attended by around 50 people. Written responses received on the exhibition day and via our dedicated website were collated and reviewed with our design team. This has provided a wealth of valuable feedback which has helped to inform the development of an updated Masterplan. 

What you told us? 

The majority of people attending the events came from nearby villages including Glenmavis, Plains, Wattston and Greengairs.

40% raised no concerns or would support the proposals  

35% wanted to see traffic impacts managed or requested traffic calming measures 

18% requested that the proposals provide safe routes for cycling and walking  

12% raised that they were mindful of impacts on wildlife and forestry

February 2024 Public Consultation

65 people attended our event, but the survey response rate from feedback forms on the day of the event was low (10).

Analysis of feedback forms from the second event identified the following main issues frequently being mentioned in responses:

  • 60% of respondents raised no concerns or would support the proposals
  • 30% of respondents raised issues in respect of traffic impacts and the capacity of local roads such as the A73
  • 20% raised concerns regarding impacts on wildlife
  • 20% requested measures to prevent flooding including surface water drainage and to ensure ponds continue to be fed by natural waterways

Following consultation the scope of the application for permission in principle has been refined to exclude the former unrestored open cast area in the east of the site. The vision for this bowl-shaped depression had been as an outdoor recreation destination. However, over 75 hectares of substantial alternative opportunities for recreation have been identified within the core masterplan area, meaning this is not necessary. Further investigations are ongoing before determining the bowl’s development potential. Any future plans will ensure the setting of the Stanrigg Memorial is preserved.

Land west of Plains has also been excluded from the application site as it is not required to support the Masterplan. An alternative site for housing has been identified to the north of Plains;

Finally, noting that the EALR alignment is yet to be fixed, the masterplan has been developed around an informed estimate of the most suitable alignment of the link road. Sufficient flexibility has been built into the plan to ensure that it accommodates potential variance in the EALR alignment should an application be forthcoming by NLC. It is expected that the development around the district centre zone could flex in response to the eventual EALR alignment.

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